Wikipedia: Portal: Current events Portal: Current eventsFri, 21 Jul 2017 00:00:00 -0000Current events: 2017-07-21 <dl><dt>Armed attacks and conflicts </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">Syrian Civil War</a> </li><ul><li>Violent clashes break out between the <a href="">Syrian rebels</a> and <a href="">Syrian Democratic Forces</a> on the outskirts of al-Muhsenli Village, in the northeastern countryside of <a href="">Aleppo</a>, but no casualties are reported. <a href="">(Iraqi News)</a> </li><li><a href="">Syrian Army</a> forces shell, using heavy artillery, the residential neighborhoods in Zaitan Village, in the countryside of Aleppo, destroying civilian property. <a href="">(Iraqi News)</a> </li></ul><li><a href="">Israeli–Palestinian conflict</a> </li><ul><li>Several thousand <a href="">Palestinians</a> protest <a href="">Israel</a>'s installation of <a href="">metal detector</a>s and a ban on Muslim men under the age of 50 in response to the killing of two Israeli policemen last Friday at a contested <a href="">Jerusalem</a> <a href="">holy place</a>, known to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary and to Jews as the Temple Mount. </li><li>Protest marches also held in <a href="">Indonesia</a>, <a href="">Jordan</a>, <a href="">Lebanon</a>, <a href="">Malaysia</a>, and Turkey </li><li>Three Palestinians are killed, 390 people injured with dozens hospitalized in clashes in Jerusalem and the West Bank, according to the <a href="">Red Crescent</a>. <a href="">Israeli police</a> report five officers are wounded. </li><li><a href="">2017 Halamish stabbing attack</a>: Three Israelis <a href="">are stabbed</a> to death by a Palestinian in their home while eating dinner, according to Israeli officials. </li><li><a href="">United Nations</a> deputy spokesman Farhan Haq calls for a <a href="">de-escalation</a> of violence and tensions at this site. </li><li><a href="">Egypt</a> calls for an immediate halt to the violence underway around this site, urging Israel to show respect for <a href="">Muslim</a> sacred sites while accusing it of fomenting these tensions. </li><li><a href="">Turkish Prime Minister</a> <a href="">Binali Yıldırım</a> says his country is in dialogue with Israel to end the crisis. </li><li><a href="">Palestinian President</a> <a href="">Mahmoud Abbas</a> says the Palestinian leadership will “freeze contacts” with Israel “on all levels.” </li><ul><li><a href="">(AP via <i>The Washington Post</i>)</a> <a href="">(NBC News)</a> <a href="">(BBC)</a> <a href="">(CNN)</a> <a href="">(<i>The New York Times</i>)</a> <a href="">(Reuters)</a> </li></ul></ul><li><a href="">CPP-NPA-NDF rebellion</a> </li><ul><li><a href="">President of the Philippines</a> <a href="">Rodrigo Duterte</a> indefinitely freezes the peace talks with the <a href="">Communist Party of the Philippines</a> after numerous attacks by the communist rebels on government forces. The President also vowed to re-orient anew the offensive against the Party's armed wing the <a href="">New People's Army</a>. <a href="">(<i>Al-Jazeera</i>)</a> </li></ul></ul><dl><dt>Arts and culture </dt></dl><ul><li>The remains of surrealist painter <a href="">Salvador Dalí</a> are exhumed following a Madrid court order on settling the paternity claim of a woman who is allegedly the painter's natural daughter. Various experts contest the claim, noting Dalí's sexual eccentrism (including a public boast about his "impotency") and that the action being against the state (Dalí bequeathed his estate to <a href="">Spain</a>). If proven, this woman could assume part of Dalí's estate. <a href="">(BBC News)</a> </li></ul><dl><dt>Disasters and accidents </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">2017 Aegean Sea earthquake</a> </li><ul><li>A 6.7 magnitude <a href="">earthquake</a> in the <a href="">Aegean Sea</a> near <a href="">Greece</a> and <a href="">Turkey</a> kills two people and injures more than 520 others. <a href="">(Reuters via ABC)</a> </li></ul></ul><dl><dt>International relations </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">North Korea–United States relations</a> </li><ul><li>The <a href="">U.S. State Department</a> announces that it will ban travel to <a href="">North Korea</a>, following the death of <a href="">Otto Warmbier</a>. <a href="">(<i>Los Angeles Times</i>)</a> </li></ul></ul><dl><dt>Law and crime </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">Shooting of Justine Damond</a> </li><ul><li> <a href="">Minneapolis Police Chief</a> Janeé Harteau, upon reflection and at Mayor <a href="">Betsy Hodges</a>'s request, resigns in the wake of last Saturday’s tragedy as well as some other recent incidents. <a href="">(ABC News)</a> <a href="">(<i>The New York Times</i>)</a> </li></ul></ul><dl><dt>Politics and election </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">Political appointments by Donald Trump</a> </li><ul><li><a href="">White House Press Secretary</a> <a href="">Sean Spicer</a> announced his intention to resign as White House Press Secretary due to <a href="">Donald Trump</a>'s appointment of <a href="">Anthony Scaramucci</a> as the <a href="">White House Communications Director</a>, and will formally step down from the role in August 2017. <a href="">Sarah Huckabee Sanders</a> will take over as the White House Press Secretary in August 2017. <a href="">(<i>New York Times</i>)</a> <a href="">(CNN)</a> </li></ul></ul>Fri, 21 Jul 2017 00:00:00 -0000Current events: 2017-07-20 <dl><dt>Armed attacks and conflicts </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">Syrian Civil War</a> </li><ul><li>Syrian rebels, who have benefited from the "covert" <a href="">CIA</a> military aid program, say they have not been officially informed of the U.S. decision to stop this aid, and add that its full impact depends on whether U.S. allies <a href="">Jordan</a>, <a href="">Saudi Arabia</a>, <a href="">Qatar</a>, and <a href="">Turkey</a> continue to support their fight. A <a href="">Free Syrian Army</a> commander warns this decision risks triggering the collapse of the moderate opposition. <a href="">(Reuters)</a> </li></ul></ul><dl><dt>Arts and Culture </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">Chester Bennington</a>, lead vocalist of <a href="">Linkin Park</a>, dies at his home in the Los Angeles suburb of <a href="">Palos Verdes Estates, California</a>. <a href="">(CNN)</a> </li></ul><dl><dt>International relations </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">Philippine Drug War</a> </li><ul><li>A hearing in the <a href="">U.S.</a> <a href="">Senate</a> is held about alleged <a href="">human rights violations</a> in the <a href="">Philippines's war against illegal drugs</a>. <a href="">(<i>Rappler</i>)</a> </li></ul><li><a href="">2017 electronics ban</a> </li><ul><li>Citing improved airport security, U.S. officials lift the ban on electronics on certain flights to some Middle Eastern countries. <a href="">(CBS News)</a> </li></ul><li>Six teenagers, four males and two females, from a <a href="">Burundi</a> robotics team are reported missing after competing in the <a href="">FIRST Global Robotics Competition</a> in <a href="">Washington, D.C.</a> A 16-year-old boy and a 17-year old girl reportedly crossed the <a href="">United States</a> border into <a href="">Canada</a>. There is no indication of foul play. <a href="">(Reuters)</a> </li></ul><dl><dt>Law and crime </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">O. J. Simpson robbery case</a> </li><ul><li><a href="">O. J. Simpson</a> is granted <a href="">parole</a> by the <a href="">Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners</a> after spending nearly nine years in prison. <a href="">(<i>The Washington Post</i>)</a> </li></ul></ul><dl><dt>Politics and elections </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">Indian presidential election, 2017</a> </li><ul><li><a href="">Ram Nath Kovind</a> has won the Indian <a href="">presidential election</a> after securing over <a href="">two-thirds</a> of the total <a href="">electoral college</a> votes. <a href="">(<i>The Hindu</i>)</a> </li></ul><li><a href="">Liberal Democrats leadership election, 2017</a> </li><ul><li><a href="">Vince Cable</a> is acclaimed as <a href="">Leader of the Liberal Democrats</a> in the <a href="">United Kingdom</a> after running unopposed. <a href="">(BBC)</a> </li></ul><li><a href="">Cabinet of Beata Szydło</a> </li><ul><li>Thousands of Poles continue to protest against the bill concerning the Supreme Court. <a href="">(<i>Politico</i>)</a> </li></ul></ul><dl><dt>Science and technology </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">SpaceX</a> CEO <a href="">Elon Musk</a> says he has received federal government approval for <a href="">The Boring Company</a> to build an underground 760mph <a href="">Hyperloop</a> that will connect <a href="">New York City</a> and <a href="">Washington, D.C.</a>. <a href="">(<i>The Independent</i>)</a> </li></ul>Thu, 20 Jul 2017 00:00:00 -0000Current events: 2017-07-19 <dl><dt>Arts and culture </dt></dl><ul><li>Singer <a href="">Barbara Weldens</a>, whose recently released first album had won several awards, collapses and dies on stage while singing in Festival <a href="">Léo Ferré</a> in <a href="">Gourdon</a> in southwestern France. The 35-year-old singer and poet apparently was <a href="">electrocuted</a>. <a href="">(BBC)</a> <a href="">(<i>The Quebec Times</i>)</a> </li></ul><dl><dt>Disasters and accidents </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">2017 California wildfires</a> </li><ul><li>Thousands of residents are evacuated from <a href="">Mariposa</a> and several other communities in <a href="">Mariposa County, California</a>, following the rapid spread of the <a href="">Detwiler Fire</a> near <a href="">Yosemite National Park</a>. <a href="">(Reuters)</a> </li></ul></ul><dl><dt>International relations </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">2017 Doklam crisis</a> </li><ul><li>Amid a stalemate between <a href="">India</a> and <a href="">China</a> over <a href="">Doklam</a>, disputed between the latter and <a href="">Bhutan</a>, China renews a call for India to withdraw its troops from Doklam. It follows reports claiming China held live firing drills in the region. <i><a href="">(Arab News)</a></i> </li></ul><li><a href="">Comfort women</a> </li><ul><li>South Korea plans to establish a national memorial day (set to be celebrated on every 14 August) to remember and honor the country's comfort women victims. <a href="">(<i>The Korea Times</i>)</a> </li></ul></ul><dl><dt>Law and crime </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">Shooting of Justine Damond</a> </li><ul><li><a href="">Australian Prime Minister</a> <a href="">Malcolm Turnbull</a> expresses shock and demands answers after an <a href="">Australian woman</a>, who called <a href="">9-1-1</a> for help because of a suspected assault near her home, was shot and killed on Saturday by a U.S. police officer who had responded in <a href="">Minneapolis</a>, <a href="">Minnesota</a>. <a href="">(ABC News)</a> </li></ul></ul><dl><dt>Politics and elections </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">Pierre de Villiers</a> resigns as the <a href="">Chief of the Defence Staff</a> of the <a href="">French Armed Forces</a> due to disagreements with President <a href="">Emmanuel Macron</a> over proposed budget cuts. <a href="">(<i>The Independent</i>)</a> </li><li><a href="">U.S. Senator</a> <a href="">John McCain</a> is diagnosed with a malignant <a href="">brain cancer</a>, <a href="">glioblastoma</a> multiforme. This is his second battle with cancer, after having been successfully treated for malignant <a href="">melanoma</a>. <a href="">(NBC News)</a> </li><li><a href="">Political appointments by Donald Trump</a> </li><ul><li>U.S. President <a href="">Donald Trump</a> nominates <a href="">Mark Esper</a> as <a href="">Secretary of the Army</a>. <a href="">(<i>Voice of America</i>)</a> </li></ul></ul><dl><dt>Science and technology </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">Vietnam</a> pledges on ending the trafficking and farming of <a href="">bear</a>s. <a href="">(<i>National Geographic</i>)</a> </li></ul><dl><dt>Sports </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">Rugby union</a> </li><ul><li>In the wake of reports by various media outlets, including the <a href="">BBC</a>, that the <a href="">Pro12</a> competition would expand beyond its <a href="">Celtic</a>–<a href="">Italian</a> base to include two <a href="">South Africa</a>n teams, league organiser Celtic Rugby Limited confirms that "advanced & positive discussions" are ongoing with the <a href="">South African Rugby Union</a> to add the <a href="">Cheetahs</a> and <a href="">Southern Kings</a> to the competition from <a href="">the coming season</a>. <a href="">(BBC)</a> <a href="">(Celtic Rugby)</a> </li></ul></ul>Wed, 19 Jul 2017 00:00:00 -0000Current events: 2017-07-18 <dl><dt>Disasters and accidents </dt></dl><ul><li>A 7.7 <a href="">magnitude earthquake</a> strikes off <a href="">Russia</a>'s <a href="">Kamchatka Peninsula</a>, west of the <a href="">Alaska</a>n Aleutian Island of <a href="">Attu</a>, in the <a href="">North Pacific Ocean</a>. No immediate reports of casualties or damage; a <a href="">tsunami</a> warning was cancelled. <a href="">(Reuters)</a> <a href="">(AP)</a> <a href="">(USGS)</a> </li><li>A shrinking glacier in Switzerland has revealed two frozen bodies believed to be of a couple who went missing in 1942 and had never been found, despite extensive searches. Swiss authorities said that a DNA test will be conducted in several days' time. <a href="">(BBC News)</a> </li></ul><dl><dt>International relations </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">Ukrainian crisis</a> </li><ul><li>DPR leader <a href="">Alexander Zakharchenko</a> announced that the self-declared <a href="">Donetsk People's Republic</a> (DPR) and <a href="">Luhansk People's Republic</a> (LPR) would form a new state called <a href="">Malorossiya</a> (Little Russia) as an official successor to what he called the "<a href="">failed state</a>" of <a href="">Ukraine</a>, with <a href="">Donetsk</a> replacing <a href="">Kiev</a> as the country's capital. Ukrainian president <a href="">Petro Poroshenko</a> and LPR leader <a href="">Igor Plotnitsky</a> denounced the plans. <a href="">(ABC News)</a> <a href="">(<i>The Telegraph</i>)</a> </li></ul></ul><dl><dt>Law and crime </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">Politics of Turkey</a> </li><ul><li>Turkey arrests six people, including the director of <a href="">Amnesty International</a>, for allegedly "helping an armed terrorist organisation". <a href="">(<i>Al Jazeera</i>)</a> </li></ul></ul><dl><dt>Politics and elections </dt></dl><ul><li>Canadian-born <a href="">Larissa Waters</a> resigns as a <a href="">Senator</a>, and as deputy leader of the <a href="">Australian Greens</a>, after discovering she remains a dual <a href="">citizen of Canada</a>, rendering her election <a href="">unconstitutional under section 44</a>. The move comes four days after <a href="">Scott Ludlam</a>, Waters' co-deputy, resigned due to his New Zealand citizenship. <a href="">(Australian Broadcasting Corp.)</a> </li><li><a href="">Bermudian general election, 2017</a> </li><ul><li>Voters in <a href="">Bermuda</a> go to the polls to elect their <a href="">Premier</a> and members of the <a href="">House of Assembly</a>. <a href="">(<i>The Royal Gazette</i>)</a> </li></ul><li><a href="">Efforts to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act</a> </li><ul><li>A Republican Senate bill to repeal and replace large portions of the <a href="">Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act</a> fails to win enough support to pass. <a href="">(<i>The New York Times</i>)</a> </li></ul></ul>Tue, 18 Jul 2017 00:00:00 -0000Current events: 2017-07-17 <dl><dt>Armed conflicts and attacks </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">Moro conflict</a> </li><ul><li>A new set of <a href="">kidnappings</a> and a <a href="">jail break</a> plague <a href="">Sulu</a> province in the southern region of <a href="">Mindanao</a> in the <a href="">Philippines</a>. <a href="">(<i>The Japan Times</i>)</a> </li></ul><li><a href="">War in Afghanistan (2001–present)</a> </li><ul><li>Officials announce that Afghan security forces have retaken <a href="">Nawa District</a> from the <a href="">Taliban</a>. <a href="">(Reuters)</a> </li></ul><li><a href="">Syrian Civil War</a> </li><ul><li>The Syrian army seizes oil wells in south-west <a href="">Raqqa Governorate</a> from <a href="">ISIL</a>. <a href="">(Sky News Australia)</a> </li></ul><li><a href="">Sinai insurgency</a> </li><ul><li>A two stage attack targeting <a href="">police</a> kills 5 officers and wounds 11 in the city of <a href="">el-Arish</a>. A later <a href="">roadside bomb</a> south of the city wounds a further 6 officers. <a href="">(ABC News)</a> </li></ul></ul><dl><dt>Disasters and accidents </dt></dl><ul><li>Aftermath of <a href="">Malaysia Airlines Flight 17</a> </li><ul><li>In <a href="">Vijfhuizen</a>, the <a href="">Netherlands</a>, exactly three years after the <a href="">Malaysia Airlines Flight 17</a> (MH17) disaster, the National Memorial for the victims is opened in the presence of <a href="">King</a> <a href="">Willem-Alexander</a>, <a href="">Queen Máxima</a> and <a href="">Prime Minister</a> <a href="">Mark Rutte</a>. <a href="">(NOS)</a> </li></ul></ul><dl><dt>International relations </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">Foreign trade of the United States</a> </li><ul><li><a href="">Robert Lighthizer</a> sends a document to U.S. lawmakers outlining the <a href="">Trump Administration</a>'s <a href="">priorities</a> for renegotiating <a href="">NAFTA</a>, including lower <a href="">trade deficit</a>s and efforts to deter <a href="">currency manipulation</a>. <a href="">(Reuters)</a> </li></ul><li><a href="">European Union–Libya relations</a> </li><ul><li>The <a href="">European Union</a> <a href="">restricts the exports</a> of inflatable boats to <a href="">Libya</a>. <a href="">(<i>Al Jazeera</i>)</a> </li></ul><li><a href="">Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action</a> </li><ul><li>The White House tells <a href="">U.S. Congress</a> that Iran is complying with its nuclear deal, and promises to impose new sanctions on Iran's ballistic missile program. <a href="">(ABC News)</a> </li></ul></ul><dl><dt>Politics </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">Martial law in the Philippines</a> </li><ul><li><a href="">President of the Philippines</a> <a href="">Rodrigo Duterte</a> plans to appeal to the <a href="">Congress of the Philippines</a> to extend <a href="">Proclamation No. 216</a> (martial law on the whole of <a href="">Mindanao</a>, which will end on 22 July 10 PM <a href="">PST</a>) until the end of 2017, due to <a href="">constitutional constraints</a> as well as the ongoing <a href="">Marawi crisis</a>. <a href="">(<i>The New York Times</i>)</a>, <a href="">(Yahoo News)</a>. </li></ul></ul>Mon, 17 Jul 2017 00:00:00 -0000Current events: 2017-07-16 <dl><dt>Arts and culture </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">Jodie Whittaker</a> has been announced to be replacing <a href="">Peter Capaldi</a> as the thirteenth incarnation of <a href="">The Doctor</a>, becoming the first woman to take the lead role of the <a href="">BBC</a>'s long-running <a href="">science fiction</a> television series, <i><a href="">Doctor Who</a></i>. <a href="">(BBC)</a> </li></ul><dl><dt>Disasters and accidents </dt></dl><ul><li>An early morning fire in the <a href="">Chinese</a> city of <a href="">Changshu</a> in <a href="">Jiangsu</a> province kills 22 people and injures three. <a href="">(<i>Hindustan Times</i>)</a> </li><li>A flash flood near <a href="">Payson, Arizona</a>, leaves at least nine people dead and one person missing, according to the <a href="">Gila County Sheriff's Office</a>. <a href="">(BBC)</a> </li></ul><dl><dt>International relations </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">2017 Doklam crisis</a> </li><ul><li>A stalemate between <a href="">China</a> and <a href="">India</a> leads to fears that the ongoing stand-off over <a href="">Doklam</a> in the <a href="">Himalayas</a>, disputed by <a href="">Bhutan</a>, may continue into the winter. It comes after rumors that Indian National Security Adviser <a href="">Ajit Doval</a> may travel to <a href="">Beijing</a> later this month. <i><a href="">(Economic Times)</a></i> </li></ul></ul><dl><dt>Politics and elections </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">Republic of the Congo parliamentary election, 2017</a> </li><ul><li>Voters in the <a href="">Republic of the Congo</a> participate in the first round of an election of <a href="">National Assembly</a> members. <a href="">(africanews)</a> </li></ul><li> <a href="">Cabinet of Beata Szydło</a> </li><ul><li> Thousands of Poles have held rallies in the capital Warsaw and other cities to condemn a controversial reform of the judiciary. Protestors claim the bill, passed by the Senate on Saturday, will erode judges' independence and undermine democracy.<a href="">(BBC)</a> </li></ul></ul><dl><dt>Sports </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">2017 Wimbledon Championships</a> </li><ul><li>In <a href="">tennis</a>, <a href="">Roger Federer</a> of <a href="">Switzerland</a> defeats <a href="">Marin Čilić</a> of <a href="">Croatia</a> 6–3, 6–1, 6–4 to win the <a href="">men's singles</a> tournament. Federer wins his eighth Wimbledon singles title, surpassing <a href="">William Renshaw</a> and <a href="">Pete Sampras</a> for the most by a male player; becomes the oldest player in the Open Era to win the Wimbledon men's singles; becomes the first player to win the men's singles at Wimbledon without losing a set since <a href="">Björn Borg</a> in <a href="">1976</a>; and extends his Open Era record for <a href="">Grand Slam</a> men's singles titles to 19. <a href="">(BBC Sport)</a> </li></ul></ul>Sun, 16 Jul 2017 00:00:00 -0000Current events: 2017-07-15 <dl><dt>Disasters and accidents </dt></dl><ul><li>At least eight people are killed in a stampede at a football stadium in <a href="">Dakar</a>, <a href="">Senegal</a>, that started after police used tear gas to break up a fight between the rival teams' fans. <a href="">(Reuters)</a> </li></ul><dl><dt>International relations </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">South China Sea disputes</a> </li><ul><li><a href="">Indonesia</a> renames part of the <a href="">South China Sea</a> as "North <a href="">Natuna</a> Sea," angering <a href="">China</a>. <a href="">(CNN)</a> </li></ul></ul><dl><dt>Law and crime </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">Crime in Iran</a> </li><ul><li>An attack by a man armed with a knife in <a href="">Tehran Metro</a>'s <a href="">Shahr-e-Rey Station</a> leaves two injured. The attacker is shot dead by the <a href="">police</a>. <a href="">(Reuters)</a> </li></ul></ul><dl><dt>Politics and elections </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">Politics of Hong Kong</a> </li><ul><li>Thousands protest silently in <a href="">Hong Kong</a> honoring the life of dissident <a href="">Liu Xiaobo</a>. <a href="">(Channel NewsAsia)</a> </li></ul><li><a href="">Politics of China</a> </li><ul><li><a href="">Chen Min'er</a> replaces <a href="">Sun Zhengcai</a> as <a href="">Communist Party Secretary</a> of <a href="">Chongqing</a>; <a href="">Sun Zhigang</a> becomes party chief of Guizhou. <a href="">(Reuters)</a> </li></ul></ul><dl><dt>Science and technology </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">Fields Medal</a> </li><ul><li><a href="">Maryam Mirzakhani</a>, the first woman and first <a href="">Iranian</a> to win the <a href="">Fields Medal</a> in mathematics, dies at 40 of <a href="">breast cancer</a>. <a href="">(AP via the <i>Seattle Times</i>)</a> </li></ul><li><a href="">Tardigrade</a> </li><ul><li>A newly-published paper suggests that some <a href="">tardigrade</a>s may outlive most <a href="">life</a> on <a href="">Earth</a>. <a href="">(<i>Vox</i>)</a> </li></ul></ul><dl><dt>Sports </dt></dl><ul><li><a href="">2017 Wimbledon Championships</a> </li><ul><li>In <a href="">tennis</a>, <a href="">Garbiñe Muguruza</a> of <a href="">Spain</a> defeats <a href="">Venus Williams</a> of the <a href="">United States</a> 7–5, 6–0 to win the <a href="">women's singles</a> tournament. It is Muguruza's second <a href="">Grand Slam</a> title after her win in the <a href="">2016 French Open</a>. <a href="">(ABC)</a> </li></ul></ul>Sat, 15 Jul 2017 00:00:00 -0000